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Creating Stakeholder Affinity
Stakeholders today can be a company’s greatest advocates. Or, its most vocal critics. They connect in real-time with like-minded people across a range of channels, and their opinions and actions can sway business success.

GreatWork brings life to an organization’s story and builds support among key stakeholders and audiences. Our first task is to understand how an organization is currently perceived, establishing both a starting point for the strategy and a benchmark for tracking the impact of communications over time. We do this by combining executive and stakeholder interviews with media analysis and review. Specific services in this area include:

• Qualitative Research
• Media Audits
• Surveys
• Storytelling/Messaging Workshops

GreatWork has conducted more than 100 messaging workshops for companies and non-profit organizations. These sessions help organizations align around a set of common operating principals, as well as establish a consistent voice and script from which to tell their story.