GreatWork Services - Crisis Management

Crisis and Issues Management.

Crisis Preparedness
For many GreatWork clients, our work in crisis preparedness has preempted the need to defend their businesses. We have counseled numerous clients through challenging situations not only to contain damaging press and public opinion, but to create opportunity out of challenge. We also direct crisis “war rooms,” using social media and third party endorsements to protect our clients’ corporate reputations.

Another area commanding ever-increasing attention from organizations are the issues involving the collection, use, and protection of corporate and personal data. In this area, GreatWork assists companies in several ways: communications planning and protocol should an incident occur, and engagement on public policy related to data security and privacy issues.

Crisis Preparedness activities include:
• Vulnerability Audits
• Crisis Communications Plans and Protocol
• Spokesperson Training
• “War Room” Management
• Public Policy Engagement